What is the short cut to killer sales on eBay? The answer, find what customers want. So, list products in a manner that eBay and internet search will find them. Next, enjoy watching the money pour in.

Running a profitable business on eBay starts with finding and selling the right items.

First of all, selling in demand items is not enough in the competitive world of eCommerce. Successful products must be listed in a manner that search engines find the items.

Buy in demand products. #eBaySalesTip

Research is key for sales success!

The short cut to killer sales on eBay has two parts. Find and source products consumers want. Next, list inventory so that search engine discover your items. In addition, list using research. Know what search engines like. Optimize your product listings. Optimization gets your listings found and sold.

How do you find in demand products?

For sales success, research four ways. First, listen to friends on the internet. What clothing styles, electronics, home decor items etc are mentioned? Furthermore, do your friends plan to buy an item soon? While you’re in a retail store, watch what people put in their shopping carts. The third way to research hot products is to search eBay by types of merchandise. Analyze sold data with the Advanced Search function .

The fourth way is to use Terapeak. Terapeak is a professional research tool with three years of sold data. Look at items you want to buy with Terapeak Product Research 2.0.  Next, analyze Terapeak’s data. So, does your product sell year round?  In addition, how fast does the item sell? With Terapeak, investigate hot selling products. Collectibles typically sell slower than other merchandise. Know how long you’ll hold an item before it sells. An unsold item is cash tied up. Buying fast selling merchandise keeps the money flowing.

So, now it’s time to source products.

Buy inventory at thrift and consignment stores. Also shop yard sales, retail stores, online sites and wholesalers.

Once bought, its time to list and sell.

Optimized listings get your products found by search and sold. Furthermore, your title is crucial to get your inventory sold.

Your title and your pictures are what shoppers see first. In addition they are important to mobile shoppers. Use eBay search to help you write a killer title. So, start typing in the words that describe your product.

Thinking like your buyer gets you sales on eBay. #SalesTip

Think like a buyer to get sales.

Look at your item. What terms describe it? eBay staff spoke at recent events on title length. Titles that use 75 characters or more of the 80 allotted characters get more sales.

My YouTube shows you how to write awesome titles.

Use four or more clear crisp pictures with a white background.

In addition, listings with four or more pictures are best. You can create a listing with up to twelve pictures. Image recognition is being used in search. Due to image recognition search, clear crisp pictures are a must. Click HERE for effective tips for pictures for your listing.

So, the short cut to more sales?

Take the time to research what shoppers want to buy.  Spot trends by listening to friends. Be alert when shopping in retail stores. Gain a clear picture of how fast inventory sells with Terapeak . Time spent researching inventory saves you money and frustration. While listing, let eBay search help you create keyword rich titles. Write titles that are 75 or more characters. Use four or more clear pictures in your listing. Maximize every nook and cranny of your listing to stand out in search and get sold.

 Finally, use all the insider information in my hit guide The Secret To eBay Search For Sellers.

Stand out in eBay search and get sold. #eBay

Maximize every nook and cranny of your eBay listing to stand out in search and get sold.

Now, you’re set for your sales to take off!

Your sales will rock on eBay! #SalesTips

Sales will take off!