Author: Kathy Terrill

eBay Active Content Made Simple!

As of June 1 eBay is turning off Active Content. What does that mean to sellers? Let’s start at the beginning. What is Active Content? Simply put, Active Content is Java Script or Flash. In older style eBay listings Active Content could have been used for popular scrolling galleries, cross selling widgets and apps. Years ago colorful listings with moving parts were considered desirable. That has changed with the modern emphasis on mobile shoppers. To be “Mobile Optimized” or “Mobile Friendly” one of the things that sellers want is a lean pared down listing to get sales. Part of being mobile optimized for sellers,...

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3 Keys To Mother’s Day Sales Success

Hundreds of thousands of shoppers are on the internet right now looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Savvy sellers have their goods lined up. They have researched prices, written great listings and promoted their items on social media! Good job! Other sellers come to me this time of year and are frustrated. They look at their inventory. They don’t sell lingerie or perfume. They turn to me and say, ” Kathy, I have nothing to sell for Mother’s Day gifts!” I answer, “Ah, but I think you do. I have 3 keys to Mother’s Day sales for success for you.”...

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5 Minutes To MORE Sales On eBay!

Yes sellers, with my tip you can improve your search results on eBay in less than 5 minutes! To use this amazing tip right now, you will need an eBay store. So how do you accomplish a boost in eBay search in under 5 minutes?  Optimize and use eBay’s paid search service Promoted Listings.  Starting in April all Top Rated eBay sellers will also have access to this boost in search with or without a store. In 5 minutes or less you can set up a Campaign for qualifying listings using Promoted Listings. Promoted listings are fast to set up. Once...

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Top Secret To Sales Success On eBay!

Sellers come to me daily asking, “Kathy, how do I get more sales?” We will talk about optimizing their eBay product listings. We will also discuss the many ways sellers can promote their items both on eBay and on social media. Before we start the essential work of product sourcing and listing , I tell sellers this foundational secret to sales success must be in place. You’re thinking, “What is this crucial secret for sales success?” I will tell you. It is to think like a buyer. Sellers will sometimes look at me, not understanding what I mean. So...

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5 Ways To Get Better Search Results On eBay That Work!

Sellers come to almost daily and say, “Kathy my eBay item isn’t showing up well in search, what can I do?” My answer is simple, “Let’s get to work” #1 way to get better search results on eBay is write a great title. Whether your shopper is on mobile or desktop, your eBay item’s title is one of the first thing your potential buyer sees. Your title is important to your buyer and important for good eBay and Google search results. Have you chosen the best keywords for your product? The best keywords clearly identify what you’re selling. The words that matter here are...

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What’s In the eBay Summer Update for Me?

What's In the eBay Summer Update for Me?