Author: Kathy Terrill

How To Avoid Spooky Slow Sales on eBay!

Back to school shopping is over, and Halloween shopping is in full swing on eBay.  Despite Halloween buying, some eBay sellers are messaging me, “Kathy my sales are slow. What should I do?” I answer, “It’s time to sort through your eBay inventory to discover in demand items!” Many sellers think that Halloween is solely packaged costumes, traditional Halloween decor and Halloween candy. Yes, all those products sell right now. But, October shoppers are shopping for that and MORE!Examine your merchandise carefully. Do you have clothing items that could be used in a costume? Do any of your clothing...

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The Short Cut To Killer Sales On eBay!

eBay sellers come to me and ask “Kathy, what is the short cut to killer sales on eBay?” My answer is, “find what eBay customers want and then list it in a manner that eBay and internet search will find it.” Running a profitable business on eBay starts with finding and selling the right items. Selling in demand items is not enough in the competitive world of eCommerce. You also have to list your products in a manner that eBay and internet search will index and showcase your items. The short cut to killer sales on eBay has two...

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Crush It On eBay This Holiday Selling Season!

It is not too early to start planning your sales strategy to have the best eBay Holiday Selling season ever! Success starts with great plans and then executing them! Step #1- Pull Out Your Calendar! Numerous eBay sellers get themselves in a jam by not planning now for the busy Holiday selling season of November and December. Look at your calendar and think through the new few months. I plan with Google calendar. Google Calendar is free for use.  If you like another electronic calendar or a paper calendar, great! The point is, pull it out and start mapping your...

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eBay Sales Power Has Arrived!

eBay sellers are always looking for more sales. The question is how to best accomplish it.   eBay and all of eCommerce selling is very competitive and getting more competitive daily. Everything is about getting found in search. Better search results gets your products seen by more shoppers. More shoppers looking at your items, means you sell more and turn your inventory over more quickly. A faster turn over rate means means the money you invest in products, gets back in your bank account faster. eBay has a program that gives eBay Store owners and Top Rated sellers an...

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The Essential Guide To eBay OPEN 2017!

eBay is returning to Las Vegas July 25-28 welcoming eBay sellers to the annual event eBay OPEN. eBay OPEN is a mega conference event produced by eBay for it’s sellers. It’s a time of celebration and learning for the eBay community. Sellers and staff come from not only all across the United Sates, but from around the world. eBay pulls out all the stops using cutting edge technology in it’s information and inspiring presentations, workshops and festivities. If you’ll be at eBay OPEN, it’s worthwhile to take a bit of time to prepare before the event. Preparation can maximize...

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Amazing Online Summer Sales Tips That Work Now!

If you’re having a slow Summer sellers, now is the time to re-group. Let’s turn slow sales into awesome sales. You need to take action to increase your Summer sales now on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Poshmark and quickly. Here we go! If your online sales are terrific, good! Keep doing what you are doing. If you are like many sellers, experiencing a slowdown in Summer sales on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Poshmark, let’s get to work and turn your sales around. Ready? #1 Mistake Sellers Make That Slows Summer Sales! Check prices! Have you checked the price on...

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