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Has your online business slowed down or not growing at the pace you’d like?
Are you new to eBay and want someone to talk to start your selling out right?

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Secret Sauce for eBay Sales

Looking to Sell More on eBay?

Do you want to sell your eBay item as quickly as possible and get cash in your pocket?

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Secret Spice for Online Sales

Secret Spice for Online Sales

Do you want to ignite your online sales everywhere  you sell?

Ready to stop your online items getting lost in search?!

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The Secret To eBay Sales for Sellers

The Secret To eBay Search For Sellers!


Are you ready to learn the secret for your listing to be found by eBay search?!

This secret is so simple hundreds if not thousands of sellers overlook it.

It’s your LISTING!


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How To Build The Facebook Business Page of Your Dreams

Everything you need to build and optimize your Facebook Business Page for your eBay and Etsy Business.

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Time to Cruise for Sales

Looking to sell to a niche market that involves marketing to a multi billion dollar industry?

Do you want to know how to sell products that vacation goers WANT to buy?

Are you looking for unique listings that buyers want and other sellers are not offering?

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Free Way to Increase Your Sales

Want to know a fast and easy way to increase your sales?Are you ready? Answer any and all customer questions within an hour (or faster) of receiving them.If you are a one man or a one woman operation this will mean carrying your smart phone or some such device with...
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Mother’s Day is coming Fast

Mother's Day is fast approaching. This year it's Sunday May 11. Now is the time to be tweeting, posting on Facebook & pinning on Pinterest for this special day. Length & content are key to getting attention from your followers & new shoppers. Here are some...
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Kick Ass Social Media Tips for less than $2!

Savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for great information on social media! Sellers want to know which platform is best for them! Do I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or Instagram? You may be using lots of Social Media but you find as a seller your...
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Mothers Day Sales Aren’t Over Yet ! Tips For Profits!

Mother's Day was yesterday, and as a savvy online seller you might be thinking it's time to focus on Memorial Day and Father's Day! And the answer is yes BUT! The But is many Moms got gifts of cash and or gifts cards, so now guess what Moms are enjoying doing today...
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#1 Genius Hack To More Sales on eBay!

Did you know that there is a super fast way to promote what you're selling on eBay Not only does this promotion work for many sellers it's also FREE!  By now you're thinking, "Kathy, Kathy what is it?" You also may be thinking, "What's the catch?" Well, it is totally...
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eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Basics

eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Basics

Just starting out on eBay? Learning before you start? This is the group for you. Learn from this positive group of sellers where everyone is there to learn and help.

Online Selling Nothing But Online Selling

Online Selling Nothing But Online Selling

This group caters to all online platforms. No matter where you sell, you can join this positive group of sellers on all platforms to learn and grow your business.

eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores

eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores

Do you have an eBay Store? Feel free to click and request to join. We do verify eBay Store link. If you are looking for a drama free group this is the place to be.

Etsy Shops Nothing But Etsy Shops

Etsy Shops Nothing But Etsy Shops

If Etsy is your choice for a selling platform this is the group you want. We only talk Etsy and are here to help you grow your business.

The Ultimate Giver – Katherine Terrill

Kathy Terrill gives back to those of us in the eBay Seller community. She ‘pays it forward’ so to speak. Her webinar on How to Prepare Your eBay store for Holiday Profits Pt 1 was one of the best instructional and insightful learning tools I have experienced. She used some Stores which had good presentations, […]

Cindy Hallsted

The Secret To Ebay Search Works!

I have had a hard time selling on Ebay recently and downloaded the ebook The Secret To Ebay Search and my sales have gone threw the roof! By using the step by step instructions in this ebook I made 4 sales that evening and 2 more sales overnight on items that have been listed for […]

Melinda Thompson

Don’t just read the tips. DO THEM

I took your newsletter email to heart this morning ( Thursday)and put over 1000 items on 20% off 2 have sold already. ( and the sale ends Sunday night) Thank you …and it’s now Saturday morning and 6 more have sold

I Love To Be Selling Practical Tips To Build The Online Business Of Your Dreams!

I recently purchased Kathy’s great practical tips to help my business grow. I am using it for my business on Ebay. As you know, Ebay is constantly changing. It is often difficult to find out new information to keep my business current. Kathy has lots of online tips to grow and keep my business successful! […]

Excellent Info Smart Ideas !!!

This class was perfect for showing me what I was doing that was not really helping. It got me thinking about the concrete solid ideas that now I just need to to go and implement. Katherine Terrill knows her stuff, highly recommend !!!

Great tips for the advanced or beginning seller!

I love auctions and run them weekly, and was delighted to read some timely tips in the Secret Sauce class that I can implement right away. My favorite tip was the reminder during the holiday season to have them ending every day instead of my typical Sunday and Monday night. If you are new to […]

Maida Webster

LUV “The Secret to eBay Search for Sellers”

Kathy has done it again! Full of tips, this e-book will more than pay for itself in increased sales whether you are a novice or seasoned seller. Two things really standout for me: (1)Kathy has links to other resources and other sites to help you improve your listings. (2)The section on item specifics really hit […]

Donna Hornick
Donna's Stuff & More

Thank You Kathy

Kathy is the best. My totally messed up unorganized store categories are now amazing and people actually know what I have. Sales are moving up.  Jane S.

Jane S.


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eBay Active Content Made Simple!

As of June 1 eBay is turning off Active Content. What does that mean to sellers? Let's start at the beginning. What is Active Content? Simply put, Active Content is Java Script or Flash. In older style eBay listings Active Content could have been used for popular...

3 Keys To Mother’s Day Sales Success

Hundreds of thousands of shoppers are on the internet right now looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift. Savvy sellers have their goods lined up. They have researched prices, written great listings and promoted their items on social media! Good job! Other sellers...

5 Minutes To MORE Sales On eBay!

Yes sellers, with my tip you can improve your search results on eBay in less than 5 minutes! To use this amazing tip right now, you will need an eBay store. So how do you accomplish a boost in eBay search in under 5 minutes?  Optimize and use eBay's paid search...

Top Secret To Sales Success On eBay!

Sellers come to me daily asking, "Kathy, how do I get more sales?" We will talk about optimizing their eBay product listings. We will also discuss the many ways sellers can promote their items both on eBay and on social media. Before we start the essential work of...

5 Ways To Get Better Search Results On eBay That Work!

Sellers come to almost daily and say, "Kathy my eBay item isn't showing up well in search, what can I do?" My answer is simple, "Let's get to work" #1 way to get better search results on eBay is write a great title. Whether your shopper is on mobile or desktop, your...

5 Minutes To A Better eBay Business!

Sellers come to me daily and ask , "Kathy how can I sell my products faster?" A huge part of writing a listing that will sell on eBay is chosing the best selling format! On Amazon, Etsy and other sites there is only 1 selling format used and that is fixed price. eBay...