The Secret to eBay Search for Sellers

The Secret To eBay Search For Sellers!

Revised with newest information from eBay Fall Update
September 2017!

Looking for the secret to listings being found by eBay search and SELLING?!

Secret to eBay Search has the answers you’ve been looking for!

The Secret of eBay Search for Sellers - Updated

What listings does eBay search like?


What does Google look for in an eBay listing?


What do I need to do to have my listings stand out on eBay?


In over 20 pages I give you the tools you need for eBay search and sales success.

Ready to discover what works to get your eBay listing found in search and SOLD?

NOW is the time to download !


After you complete Check Out – Click “Return to I Love To Be Selling” to download your guide.

I have had a hard time selling on Ebay recently and downloaded the ebook The Secret To Ebay Search and my sales have gone threw the roof! By using the step by step instructions in this ebook I made 4 sales that evening and 2 more sales overnight on items that have been listed for months. I highly recommend the purchase of this ebook it. By using the step By step process outlined in this book I am confident that my sales will be consistently improving.

Melinda T.

“Kathy Terrill is the go-to person for Ebay listing strategies. She’s an expert on getting products ranked in Ebay search, and has an in-depth understanding of how to optimize listing pages for maximum sales. If you’re looking for the most current strategies for selling successfully on Ebay, Kathy is your go-to person!”

Lisa Suttora

Lisa Suttora Int'l Amazon & Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

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