Tomorrow is Black Friday. Are you ready to have the best 4th quarter yet ebay seller? Good let’s go down your check list!

Black Friday Checklist!

Black Friday Checklist!

From a popular webinar I did for Top Rated Sellers on “Is Your ebay Store Ready For The Holidays”, ebay sellers learned to:

  1. Effectively optimize the ebay store description using the 1000 characters allowed and  effective use of Holiday language.
  2. Employ simple Holiday designs to put a festive touch on your ebay store and welcome shoppers.
  3. The utmost importance to maximize sales with proper and effective use of ebay store categories!

It’s not too late to optimize your ebay store! Here is the information you need to use now.

ebay seller think  about what are your best sellers and/or potential best sellers this Holiday season? Are they clothes, mugs, table linens, kids toys or electronics? Whatever your prime category is watch closely what a major brick and mortar does.

Don't panic! Watch the big brick and mortars for ideas!

Don’t panic! Watch the big brick and mortars for ideas!

If you are a toy seller  on ebay you might want to watch ToysRUs. Are you a clothing vendor then perhaps you’ll watch Nordstrom or Macy’s.

You want to follow your brick and mortar on their website and social media.  If they run a 30% off sale, can you do the same? If they are utilizing a door buster, can you? With the ebay selling tools Promotions Manager,  Mark Down Manager and CampaignGO  sellers you can launch sales and promotions in minutes.

Black Friday starts some of the busiest and potentially most profitable days of internet sales. It’s not too late to clean up your listings,  your ebay store and use every tool at your disposal to drive sales.

ebay sellers are loving the results they get using my special class for sellers with and without an ebay store Secret Sauce For ebay sales
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Go down the checklist and load up the best tools for your business! Get ready to take care of your ebay customers and ship fast!