According to a recent blog post from Socially Stacked over 40% of shoppers will begin their Holiday Shopping in November!

So, as a savvy entrepreneur and business owner the question is how do you get these shoppers to spend their money with you?!

The answer is offer shopping discounts!

Look at your inventory and institute discounts if customers buy more than a certain dollar amount so they have a reason to spend their money with you and not your competitor!

If you have an ebay store there is an awesome free tool available to you that will put discounts in place for you called Promotions Manager. With this tool you can offer dollars off, a discount and or buy 2 get 1 free order size discounts. You set the criteria for the discount and the inventory that is available for your customer to purchase to gain the savings. The seller controls the details of the offer. You can offer a variety of discounts to your shoppers within different categories in your ebay store and or you can do an offer for your entire store like buy more $200 merchandise ( and include all your inventory) for 10-20% off, $20 off etc.

Here is  short video I did on how to easily set up a great sales discount on ebay using Promotions Manager.

So,  since 40% of shoppers will start spending their money next month it’s time to get ready with great discounts to bring these customers your way so that your 4th Quarter is your best ever!