The twitter app Periscope is exploding and many including me are jumping in and having a blast!

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“OK Kathy”, you say ” I’m broadcasting on Periscope, but I’m only getting 1-2 viewers. I’m discouraged, How can I get more people to watch my scopes?”
The answer is simple.


Yup ask and I’ll tell you who and I’ll tell you where!

20-30 minutes before you Periscope ( or scope) post on your Facebook Business Page and Instagram account that you will be on Periscope and for your followers to set their watches to join you! It helps to “tease” them with something they’ll want to watch.
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I recently did a Periscope about some basic photography tips for ebay and etsy sellers. So my lead in was “tune in for a photo hack that’s perfect for sellers in small spaces!”

Then 10-15 minutes before my Periscope I then announced to my Twitter fans that I’d be on Periscope with a must see camera tip for online sellers!

The point is I was “teasing” or promoting my “appearance” just like all the TV shows and films do. Get your followers interested in what you’ll be broadcasting and pick interesting titles for your scopes!

Soon your Periscopes will be seen by dozens and then hundreds, and who knows, even thousands of fans?!

It starts with announcing and asking for folks to watch and giving them a reason to!

Here’s a recording of the Periscope I did with a great photography hack for ebay and etsy sellers in small spaces, like NYC apartments! How would you have teased this Periscope?


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Comment below and let me know when you’re broadcasting!