OK I read the video app Periscope jumped to over a million users in 7 days and now has skyrocketed over 10 million users at just over 4 months old! Being a savvy entrepreneur I said to myself, “Kathy, it’s time to take the plunge!”

It's Time To Jump In!

It’s Time To Jump In!

So, how did I get ready for my first “scope” or broadcast on Periscope?
I googled for tips!
I found Kim Garst’s You Tube tips very helpful!

Step 1 – You will want to have a Twitter account. It’s not mandatory but it’s very helpful to optimize Periscope for your followers.

Step 2 – Whether you use an Android or Apple phone get the Periscope app and add it to your phone and link the app to your Twitter account. You can create a new user description or just use what Periscope uploads from Twitter.

Step 3 – If you haven’t already, you’ll want to install emojis on your phone. You’ll use them for the titles of your broadcasts.

Install emojis on Your Phone To Prepare For Your First Periscope!

Install emojis on Your Phone To Prepare For Your First Periscope!

Step 4 – Keep your first broadcast brief.  Your first broadcast is not the time to read all of Gone With The Wind. Keep your first scope or Periscope broadcast short and sweet.

Step 5 – Go on Periscope and find some followers. Look for friends and follow them. When you find someone in the Periscope community it shows how many followers they have. Follow your friends followers! In no time you’ll be up to hundreds of followers and as your broadcast you’ll pick even more up!

Step 6 – Jot down some notes on your iPad or a piece of paper about what you want to talk about and write out an eye catching title for your broadcast with hashtags.

Step 7 – Install the app IFTT and add a recipe that when you broadcast on Periscope it gets posted on your Facebook Business page that you are broadcasting. This is helpful for views and getting followers! There is also a twitter icon on the broadcasting screen and you can tap that to have your broadcast go out to Twitter.

Step 8 – Decide if you want location enabled. I planned to broadcast from my home in NYC so I disabled that, it’s your choice. I recommend disabling location finder.

You’re ready!

Step 9 – You’ll see that there are 4 icons on the bottom of the iPhone screen when you are in the Periscope app. The icon to the left of the group of people is your broadcasting icon. Tap it. BEFORE you start to broadcast type in your title with hashtags.

Step 10 – When you start broadcasting on Periscope you will not be able to film your face. After the filming starts after a few seconds then swipe down and the camera will turn on your face.

Step 11- When you broadcast folks will text you messages, respond and interact! Periscope is live! They will also send you hearts. It’s Periscope’s applause meter and you’ll find that most followers are kind and generous with hearts, so enjoy seeing them come your way!

Step 12- Ask for followers and friends to share your scope.

Ask For Followers To Share Your Periscope Broadcast!

Ask For Followers To Share Your Periscope Broadcast!

Step 13 – Review your broadcast and take notes!

Step 14 – CONGRATULATIONS you jumped in and did it! Reward yourself and plan your next!

Here’s is my first broadcast on Periscope! Come join me at @love2beselling!