There is a costly error that both new and experienced eBay sellers make. They grab a pile of inventory and start listing without researching what the items currently sell for. Sellers will glance at what similar items are currently listed for. They overlook checking what the product actually sells for. To start, if a new seller lists an item that is new with tags, they will list using the price tag on the item. If the tag is $80, they list the product for the same price. So, they are thinking that since the tag is $80, the item should sell for $80. What the tag price is and how much money it will sell for are often quite different. Research is key to seller success.

To list without eBay price research costs you money.

Without research you’re guessing on the listing price. Guessing costs you sales. Research can reveal an item is in demand. Therefore, you can price it higher than what you would guess looking at it.  Correct pricing gets your listings sold as quickly as possible for maximum profits. Sellers can use eBay’s Advanced search to check what products sell for. This video explains utilizing eBay’s Advanced search for doing item price research.

Many successful sellers restock items that did well for them. In Sell It On eBay Now I explore this sales plan. Some entrepreneurs sold products six months ago, get more inventory and list without checking what the current selling price is.

Internet prices are like the stock market.

Prices go up and they go down. A few minutes using Advanced Search lets you know what the item will sell for now. If you are selling what looks to be a highly collectible or rare item, then more thorough research is advised. Terapeak is a professional eBay research tool. It has sold data going back three years. Here is my affiliate link for a free trial of Terapeak.

Exploding fireworks display reminds viewer to price their eBay item right!

Price your eBay items to sell now!

To sell successfully on eBay, it’s wise to check prices on the worldwide web. FinancialMail speaks to shoppers looking on many websites for prices before they buy. Pricing competitively increases your sales. In closing, research will get your eBay items sold for the best value, in the shortest amount of time. Price research keeps your cash flowing.

A few minutes spent researching prices on eBay and the web pays big dividends. Set a price that attract shoppers wanting to buy!