So, it’s January 2018 and the New Year eBay sellers.

What does a seller do now to attract shoppers on eBay?

Here is what to do to make money on eBay right now. First of all, pull out a pen and paper, or your favorite device, and take notes. As outlined in 5 Steps To Move Your Online Business To the Next Level, planning is crucial to sustained success

Look at what sold for you on eBay in November and December of 2017. What were your hot sellers? According to the Washington Post here is a list of some of the most in demand items from Christmas 2017. What were your top sellers? Was it women’s clothing, kid’s toys, sports equipment, housewares or another category?  Where did you buy the products that you are sold out of right now?

Can you get more of the products that are sold out?

Can Your Buy More Of What Sold on eBay?

Can Your Buy More Of What Sold on eBay?

If the exact item is not be available for you to buy, is there something similar? For instance, the 6 inch brown teddy bears sold out for you on eBay. You cannot buy more from your source. However there are 8 inch bears in the same style available from your supplier. Also, you may have purchased items at a local big box retailer. Now that store is sold out of that hot item. Is there another of the same store within a 30 mile radius that has the item? Another place to check for your product is the big box retailer websites. Wholesale liquidators like BULQ can also be source for in demand items.

Popular items may be sold out locally, but are for sale on the internet.

Sellers often neglect the internet as a source for  purchasing hot selling inventory.

From your research, you know what was popular for you one Bay in November and December. Many of those items will stay in demand. By restocking quickly you can start 2018 off strong!
Here are some more ideas for product sourcing to start 2018 off  with strong sales!

In closing. take notes on what were your popular items from the end of 2017. Plan how to restock them quickly. Don’t overlook using big box retailers locally and online for inventory. List quickly.

Bravo eBay seller, you’re off to a great start for 2018!