eBay sellers and online marketers listened intently to Mark Zuckerberg announce recent changes to the Facebook news feed. Friends and family posts have enormous priority in the user’s newsfeeds over businesses posted content.

To start, small and medium-sized businesses need to be seen by shoppers despite these constraints. So the question arises, how to do this without a huge advertising budget? Simply, if items aren’t visible to customers browsing online, they aren’t sold.

So, what does an eBay seller do to get noticed by the millions Facebook users without paying huge ad fees?

Reach Millions of eBay Shoppers for FREE!

How To Reach Millions of eBay Shoppers for FREE!

There is a solution for the online sellers. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost a dime. I wrote in #1 Genius Hack To More Sales on eBay sellers can post up to five products daily on eBay’s corporate Facebook page. Many sellers don’t know about this lucrative social media opportunity. This popular page has over 10 million followers! Sharing items to this well-followed page, gives sellers access to millions of social media users for free!

At times the corporate page is blocked to online sellers posting from their computer. This is due to constant site changes on Facebook. So, when you can’t share your listings from your computer, report it. I am assured by the page’s customer service team that they very much welcome product posts from sellers. In addition, after communicating with the page, alert Facebook customer service to the glitch.

No need to despair. if you can’t share your items from your computer.

There is a workaround.

With your smartphone or tablet, post products using IOS and Android apps. In my video included below, learn what to do. I explain step by step how to effectively list to the corporate page using a smartphone or tablet.

As outlined in my video, take time when sharing on social media to write something about your product. Furthermore, consider who would use your item, and address your post to them. Think like your buyer.

Daily posting to eBay’s Facebook page of 10 million fans is time well spent. Bring on the shoppers and for free!