Did you know that there is a super fast way to promote what you’re selling on eBay

Not only does this promotion work for many sellers it’s also FREE!  By now you’re thinking, “Kathy, Kathy what is it?” You also may be thinking, “What’s the catch?”
Well, it is totally free and there is no catch.

It’s using Facebook for your eBay business. But NOT just any old way.

Let’s start.

You don’t need an eBay  store to have a Facebook Business Page.

eBay Store Not Required!

eBay Store Not Required!

It can be easier for you to set up a Facebook Business page for an eBay store, but it is not mandatory for having a Facebook business page. Click here  for Facebook’s information to set up your page.

You page is now set up! There is no charge from Facebook for maintaining a business page.  Maximize your page with my FREE Sales Power Tips For Your Facebook Business Page. Click Here for yours!

Now go to ebay.com’s page on Facebook. Click eBay’s Facebook page.This is the page that is eBay’s  corporate’s face to the world. This page is geared to buyers. First thing to note is that eBay ‘s Facebook page has over 10 million likes.

10 million likes! That is an enormous number. Facebook controls who sees your posts. When you post on Facebook only a fraction of your followers see your content. Who sees it is based Facebook’s algorithm. If you have 100 friends only a small handful will see your post. The more your friends like and comment on your content, the more people will see it. The same is true of eBay‘s page. However eBay ‘s page is starting with over 10 million people who like their page. Even if a post only reaches a fraction of eBay ‘s fan base, that’s a nice number!

Drum roll please.

As a seller you are allowed to post 5 products a day on eBay ‘s Facebook page!

Sellers, eBay is giving you FREE access to their 10 million people fan base!

You may post an eBay listing, an eBay collection, and eBay Product Guide, a Promotion created through eBay ‘s Promotions Manager, a link to an eBay store category, a link to an eBay Store search and a link to your a eBay store header. The link cannot take shoppers off eBay . Links to Twitter, your Facebook Business page etc are not appropriate.

You do NOT need to be an eBay store owner to take advantage of this amazing offer from eBay. With or without a store you can post to eBay’s Facebook page.

If you have a Facebook Business page, it’s best to post from your Facebook Business ID. Sellers doing so report an increase in likes for their Facebook Business page.

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I have been testing posting on eBay ‘s page along with many eBay sellers in the Facebook group eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores. Posting on a eBay’s Facebook page is not a magic pill for sales.  That being said, many, many eBay sellers are reporting sales of the items they post in this manner.

This YouTube takes you through the process.

Posting on eBay’s Facebook page is free. It takes minutes. It can get your eBay item to sell faster!

See you on eBay ‘s page!