eBay’s Spring Seller Update was announced on April 5!

It was full of great news for sellers with the emphasis on optimizing eBay listings for mobile shoppers, eBay‘s Seller Hub rolling out this summer for all eBay US sellers, the importance of Product Reviews, changes in categories and specific improvements for jewelry sellers. I analysed the update in my previous blog post Must Have Tips To Understand eBay’s Spring Seller Update!

A crucial part of the update was the changes for eBay stores. The prices and amount of listings are changing for eBay store sellers.

There are 4 important dates for eBay store owners relating to the Spring Seller update.

3 important dates for ebay sellers!the luckier you get (4)

With the increase in the number of listings for each category that go into effect in May 2016, some store owners may want to downgrade their store. If a seller wishes to downgrade BEFORE the new fee structure goes into place it needs to be done by April 30. All eBay store sellers will be paying the fees at the new higher levels, but a different store level choice can be wise for some sellers. Switching before the increase can be a savings in that the seller will be a Basic Store rather than a Premium, or a Premium store rather than an eBay Anchor store when the new fees are calculated May 6! eBay store owners will be able to change their store levels WITHOUT penalties until June 4th. My FREE Spring Seller Update Tips will help you pick the right eBay store level for you. Click HERE to get yours!

eBay store sellers will get the new structure of listings effective May 1.

While the increase in fees goes into effect May 6, starting May 1 all eBay Stores get more listings!

Basic stores will get an increase of 50 fixed price listings, and increase of 150 auction listings in fashion and collectibles. This will mean Basic store owners will have a monthly allotment of 250 fixed price listings and 250 in auctions, with category restrictions for auctions. This is fully laid out by eBay click HERE for all the details.

Premium eBay stores will go from 500 to 1,000 fixed price listings monthly.

In addition to the increase in fixed price listings, eBay Premium store owners will see their monthly allotment of auctions listings in certain categories increase from 100 to 500. This is a significant increase in listings for Premium store owners.  For all the details on information click HERE. Some Anchor store owners that find they are not listing at high levels may want to get their calculators out and look at a Premium store. Premium eBay store owners that are not listing at the high end of what they are allotted with the new eBay store structure may also want to get their calculators out and look at new listing allotments for the Basic store.

Anchor stores are seeing a large increase with the new store fees and listing allotments.

eBay Anchor store fixed price listings is skyrocketing from 2,500 to 10,000! Anchor stores are seeing an increase from 100 auctions listings in certain categories to 1,000!

There are additional benefits to eBay store owners of coupons toward eBay branded shipping supplies.  Anchor store owner will have a credit toward using eBay‘s paid service Promoted Listings. The top level eBay Anchor store owners will also as of July 1 have access to high level customer service representatives by phone.

If you plan to downgrade your eBay store before the new prices go into effect you need to do so by April 30. All eBay store owners will see the increase in listings to their chosen store level May 1. The increase in fees for the various eBay store levels commences May 6.

As a store owners should you chose to change your store level up or down, change to monthly or yearly you can do so without penalty until June 4.

Mark your calendars eBay store owners , and grab your calculators and check you are at the right level for you eBay business!

Once you’ve settled on the right eBay store category for you, you know what to do eBay store sellers! That’s right it’s time for you to list list list!

Spring Seller Update Changes For eBay Stores!

Spring Seller Update Changes For eBay Stores!