eBay’s Spring Seller Update is out with plenty of good news for sellers!

eBay begins it’s Spring Seller Update with the importance of optimization for mobile shoppers!

eBay stresses the importance of mobile shoppers on the eBay platform. Throughout the Spring Seller Update eBay lets sellers know what eBay is doing to attract mobile customers and keep them coming back and shopping more and more!

Optimize For Mobile Shoppers!

Optimize For Mobile Shoppers!

To help mobile shoppers buy with ease eBay will display 800 characters of a seller’s listing when the seller keeps their listing descriptions to 800 characters or less. Currently eBay uses an algorithm to pull 250 characters from seller’s description. With this newest update sellers have the opportunity for more of their listing’s description to show! Keeping an eye on your character count and keep your listings to under 800 characters! I explain the importance of this and how this helps sellers  in my FREE Spring Seller Update Tips sheet. Click HERE for yours.

There are important changes for Jewelry Sellers!

eBay is making major changes in the jewelry category to benefit sellers and make it easier for buyers to understand what they are purchasing!

Good News For Jewelry Sellers!

Good News For Jewelry Sellers!

There is an expansion of metals and stones that can be listed in the jewelry category.
Important changes are in effect for fine metals and how they are to be listed. There are updated item specifics for jewelry sellers to use in their listings. If you sell items with “enhanced” diamonds it must be noted in the item’s title, item specifics and description. If a natural gemstone is “treated” it must be duly noted in the title, item specifics and description! Click HERE for all the complete jewelry policy.

Product Reviews bring shoppers to eBay!

Shoppers Love Product Reviews!

Shoppers Love Product Reviews!

eBay shoppers love and look for product reviews. When your buyer leaves a review, your seller name appears with the review! Sellers can also review products that they sell! Click HERE for my tips how to use the Spring Seller Update to benefit your eBay listings.

Seller Hub will be available to all US sellers Summer of 2016!

eBay’s advanced selling dashboard Seller Hub is currently in Beta. US sellers can look forward to Seller Hub rolling out to all sellers for their eBay business this summer!

Changes to fees and listings for eBay Stores!

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Fees for all levels of eBay stores increase May 1, 2016. The fees increases range from $5 a month for Basic store subscriptions to $170.965 and $199.95 for the top level Anchor Stores. All store levels get an increase in store allotment listings and auction listings. All store levels get quarterly coupons for eBay branded shipping supplies. The top level Anchor Store subscribers get an 800 number with access by phone with the high level customer service agents. For the full dollar breakdown read my Spring Seller Update Free Tip Sheet.

Sellers can look forward the opportunity to have more of their description show easily to mobile shoppers, Product Reviews to bring more consumers to eBay, increased store fees come with an increased number of listings, great updates to the jewelry category, Seller Hub rolling out for all US sellers and more category changes coming soon.

All the Spring Seller Updates have 1 thing in common. The Spring Update continues to make eBay a vibrant shopping place that is attractive and easy to use whether you’re on a computer or mobile device, but particularly easy for the ever increasing number of mobile shoppers!

eBay Spring Seller release says sellers be ready for more and more mobile shoppers and here are tools to help you!