eBay sellers do you know there is a secret weapon that can increase your sales?

This weapon is so secret many eBay sellers don’t even know that they have it!

Can you guess what it is?

It’s building HTML links to similar products or eBay store category.

You’re thinking “You want me to add HTML?” .I’ll explain.

Not All HTML Is Bad

Not All HTML Is Bad

With sellers streamlining their listings to be optimized for mobile, HTML has gotten a bad rap in recent years.

HTML is necessary to tag text and elements in your listing to be read on the world wide web. What you don’t want is EXCESSIVE HTML that bogs down your listing. Excessive HTML can make listings load slowing on mobile devices. A brief to the point listing loads fast and engages shoppers, which can translate to better sales!

In the past many sellers have build HTML links to their ENTIRE store to place at the bottom of their description.

The idea was that this eBay  HTML store link helped to direct shoppers to browse the seller’s store. With experimenting I have found rather than include a link to my entire store I get better results with an HTML link to the specific eBay store category that the listing relates to.

An HTML Link To A Store Category Can Bring Sales!

An HTML Link To A Store Category Can Bring Sales!

For instance if you sell men’s shirts, you can build a link to men’s shirts, or men’s clothing . If your clothes are broken down by size you could build a link to other clothing in that size. The point is to pick an eBay store category directly related to the item the customer lands on. Also keep in mind when  you’re selling a plate in a specific pattern. Why not include a link to the bowls in the same pattern at the bottom of your listing? An HTML link adds a mere 2-3 lines of HTML to your listing. To compare, most scrolling galleries add 12-20 lines of text!

Good HTML store links encourage your shopper to further browse and shop with YOU.

Your shopper may decide they don’t want the green shirt in their size you sell, but thanks to your HTML link they find a red shirt in their size you stock and BUY it!

Well chosen HTML links can keep shoppers in YOUR store shopping rather than hopping back to eBay search and OTHER sellers items! eBay‘s policy on building links changes June 1, 2017. The video below is complaint with this new policy as outlined HERE by eBay.

I walk you step by step through the process of building and placing an HTML link on your eBay listing in this short informative video.

Test and see what works for you!

Here’s to a summer sizzling with sales!