Christmas is less than 7 days away!  The final Holiday sales days and hours are counting down now!

Keep in mind that if buyers live in your state or nearby they can still order with you and anticipate the items they buy to be delivered in time to be under their Christmas tree!

still big xmas tree
For this to happen and keep shoppers stress to a minimum, it’s smart as a seller to offer expedited shipping for free and /or a very low cost as an upgrade to your primary  shipping service.

Now that being said, ebay and Etsy sellers don’t forget shoppers like to shop for themself! This is called self gifting and it’s a growing trend every year. Many shoppers are buying right now for their own pleasure. They are NOT concerned with whether the item will arrive by December 25th, as they are making purchases of some goodies for an end of year treat for their own use!
shopping xmas bags

Keep self gifting in mind this week with your posts on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Welcome those customers in for purchases they they will enjoy for their own personal use!

‘Tis the season to shop for others and yourself! Targeting and welcoming self gifters is a great way for you to end your ebay and Etsy sales for 2015 with a bang! Other sellers will flounder as purchasing gifts for others will dwindle and they have not considered or thought of the self gifters.

You savvy seller can pick up sales now and through the end of the year with a targeted listing and social media approach to self gifting ! The result for you will be more sales and a strong end to the 4th quarter!

Isn’t that a nice gift to enjoy for your business?

Self Gifting is a gift to your business!

Self Gifting is a gift to your business!