With the Christmas Holiday Shopping season starting many eBay, Etsy, Amazon and all eCommerce sellers are busy pinning their products to their Pinterest  Fall and Holiday Boards!

It's time to Pin on Pinterest!

It’s time to Pin on Pinterest!

Pinterest is an excellent choice to engage shoppers!

Pinterest reports that 93% of male and female Pinterest users shopped online in the past six months! Clearly Pinterest attracts shoppers!

Wow, so sellers when you pin your products on Pinterest you are putting your products on a social media platform where the users that love to shop! Clearly this is great news!

Pinterest Attracts Shoppers!

Pinterest Attracts Shoppers!

Pinterest  Hot Tip: Long keyword rich descriptions engage your potential customers!

It’s true!

In addition eBay, Etsy, Amazon and  all eCommerce pinners should look to craft pins without hashtags! Yes that’s right, no hashtags! Rather than hashtags great descriptions will engage Pinterest users!

Watch this video from Pinterest to hear their great tips on descriptions that will engage Pinterest users and lead your pins to being liked and repinned!


Pinning now on Pinterest is perfect timing for eCommerce sellers!

Time spent on Pinterest now helps sellers reap rich rewards all through this year’s busy 4th Quarter and Holiday Shopping Season!

Here are some of my best Pinterest tips for you to use to maximize your sales on eBay, Etsy and Amazon.


See you on Pinterest and prepare to greet your customers!