Many think that to successfully sell on ebay all a seller has to do is list.

False. Well partially false, certainly an item can’t sell if it’s not listed.

And I should say that if you are selling a highly desirable item at rock bottom prices yes the item I think would sell.

However if you are like thousands of ebay sellers and you are listing your items you are facing a lot of competition.

One of the ways to stand out is to write an ebay guide related to the products you are selling.

So if you offer women’s shoes you could write a guide on how to know what shoe size your are!

If you sell winter coats, a guide on what’s the warmest coat might be a good fit.

The guide once published is not only available to ebay sellers it’s fed to other search engines so it can be picked up by Google,Yahoo,Bing etc..

To write a successful guide be sure to put your item in the guide’s title and pick the correct ebay categories to tag your guide.

If I’m selling Party Shoes I want Party Shoes in the title of my guide and I’d want to tag women’s shoes.

The tag function is at the bottom of the writing an ebay guide template.

Once published your items that are related to your ebay guide will appear at the bottom of your guide helping to increase customer traffic to your offerings.

You can write an effective guide in under 30 minutes and your items will reap the results of increased search results on the internet which can mean  more SALES for you!

Here is the link to the ebay template for writing an ebay guide on the ebay site. Click the link under #1 Getting Started.
Link to getting started writing an ebay Guide on ebay’s website

Here’s a guide I wrote on “How chose the right Bible for you” to get you’re creative juices flowing!
An example of an effective ebay buying guide. This 1 is on selecting Bibles.


Let me know when you’ve finished writing your ebay guide!