I know, I know you’re thinking it’s Valentine’s Day in a few weeks and your inventory has nothing to offer gift shoppers!

You don’t sell candy, flowers, lingerie or smartphones and tablets. You sell clothes, books, automotive accessories, collectibles and/or media let’s say.

What is a savvy entrepreneur to do?

Rather than writing off the holiday ( no, no no Nanette!) a smart seller pulls out the list of their inventory and starts thinking to themself,  “how can I re-purpose my items for Valentine’s Day shoppers?”

Do you sell collectibles?
If you do great! Now smart entrepreneur, which ones can be showcased for Valentines Day as collectible gifts? I feel a great Pinterest board coming on!

Do you sell clothing? Come on, who doesn’t want a great jacket, sweater or skirt for Valentine’s Day?

Are you an automotive accessories vendor? Terrific, now look at your inventory and ask yourself , “what would make that Mercedes Benz owner smile?”

Shoppers look for great and unique gifts to give their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to step up and help them find what you’re offering.

Themed Pinterest boards are a great way to invite customers to browse and buy with you. If  you sell on ebay using the free marketing tool of ebay collections is another awesome way to help your items get seen and sold!

So select your inventory for gift shopping customers and enjoy pinning them on Pinterest onto tightly niched boards and creating inviting collection on ebay!

Valentine’s Day is not all about chocolate!

Well, maybe some chocolate and a thoughtful gift to go with it!


The perfect Valentine's Day gift is lurking in your inventory!

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is lurking in your inventory!