Sellers come to me daily asking, “Kathy, how do I get more sales?”

We will talk about optimizing their eBay product listings. We will also discuss the many ways sellers can promote their items both on eBay and on social media.

Before we start the essential work of product sourcing and listing , I tell sellers this foundational secret to sales success must be in place. You’re thinking, “What is this crucial secret for sales success?”

I will tell you. It is to think like a buyer.

Sellers will sometimes look at me, not understanding what I mean. So I repeat , ” You must think like a buyer”. This is foundational for sales success anywhere. I will tell you why. Successful product sourcing is about your buyer. Every part of your listing is about your buyer. Successful promotions are about your buyer. Productive social media is about your ideal buyer. In short, it’s all about the buyer.

Even before your list your products, when you are choosing what to sell, you must think like buyer.

What do buyers want to purchase that you can source? Using top notch research tools like Terapeak can help you find what are the hot products to list and sell right now on eBay. When you research what to sell, you want to think like a buyer.

Once you discover a niche or line of products you want to sell, the next step is to source these hot products.

You can source products in thrift stores, consignment shops, auction houses and the sale racks at retail stores and wholesalers. A reputable wholesale liquidation seller like BULQ can be a great source for desirable merchandise. BULQ offers sellers wholesale prices on inventory by the pallet and case.

You have your inventory. Now you’re ready to list. Think about this.

What is your listing title about?

A good listing title is about helping your buyer find your product in search. Successful sellers know that selecting good title keywords includes researching and putting into place the words that buyers use when shopping for that item. Think like a buyer. Look at the item you are listing. What words or phrase would you use if you were shopping for that item? Be sure and include them in the title and or item description. My YouTube video will show you how to use eBay search to select keywords buyers use when shopping.


The photographs you take and upload to your listing are all about the buyer.

Listing photographs need to clearly showcase your item. This allows shoppers to clearly assess your product. Look at your product. What angles and views will help the buyer select your item? Is there a flaw or distinctive mark you want to show them. Your shopper cannot hold your item. Your pictures do that. Think like a buyer.

Next, you will need to fill in the item specifics. Accurate and complete information here gives the eBay and internet search engines structured data they need to display your items to the right buyer.

Now you’re onto the item description. Clearly detail your item in a few sentences. Include information on the brand, UPC, manufacturer’s number or part, color, condition and use for your product. Include size and measurements. Be simple, be clear, and be complete. Think like a buyer.

If you were shopping for this product, what information would you need in making the purchase. Include all of that in your description.

Fill in your payment information and list!

Once listed, take the time to push your products out in social media. Posting effectively on a Facebook Business page can help your products get found by search engines and shoppers. It’s all about the buyer! The Ultimate Guide To A Facebook Business Page For Sellers Mini Course will equip you to optimize your Facebook Business page to welcome buyers. I’ll show you how to think like a buyer on Facebook. Get instant access to Facebook sales power HERE.

Keeping your eye clearly on your buyer, keeps your online business successful. Forget your buyer and you will see your business lose it’s purpose and profitability.

Think like a buyer and watch your sales soar!