The USA women’s soccer World Cup champions made NYC history today being the first female team to be greeted with a NYC ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Champions!
ticker tape
NYC Ticker Tape Parade for US Women’s Soccer Champs(WSJ)!

2 top lessons jumped out at me for entrepreneurs and businesses to learn from these world class record breaking athletes!

1-Setbacks Don’t Have to Stop You!

Setbacks Don't Have to Stop You

Setbacks Don’t Have to Stop You!

The USA women’s soccer team was comprised of 23 women who have lived with the rigors of training while dealing with families, jobs and potentially career ending injuries!

Christie Rampone said it well,”Yes, I’m 39 going on 40. Yes, I’m the mother of two kids. Yes, I’ve torn my ACL and come back from it. I’ve also won three gold medals and now been to five World Cups.”

2- The Power of Teamwork!
While I watched the exciting final game of team USA vs Japan World Cup soccer and the numerous interviews with team players afterwards I heard a common theme from team USA and it was “Teamwork!”.



Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd , Abby Wambach, Ali Krieger and every team player interviewed accepted compliments on their skills and then immediately credited the entire team.

Ali Krieger summed it up, “Surround yourself with good people, surround yourself with positivity and people who are going to challenge you to make you better. If you just kind of let yourself stay alone and be by yourself, the negative, it is just not going to help you. You can control two things, your work ethic and your attitude about anything.”

So entrepreneur, when knocked down and injured, do you get back up and learn and strengthen yourself and your business so that you both are stronger, more resilient and triumph?

If you do, you can stand proudly next to Christie Rampone!

Do you partner with resilient service providers, companies and vendors that are working and encouraging you in your success?! Are you working with people committed to your being a champion and are you committed to their success? If the answer is yes, you are an Ali Krieger!

Learn to be strengthened by adversity!
Entrepreneur if you answered yes to both you are a champion and like all champions you are enjoying the victory while planning the rigorous training for your next engagement!