Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away!

How are your Mother’s Day sales going online seller?

Are you crushing it on eBay, Etsy and Amazon? If yes, good for you! If like many online sellers you are disappointed with your results so far, I have good news for you!

Often sellers limit their success during Mother’s Day by what they think a Mother’s Day gift item is!

Have you decided that only jewelry, perfume and flowers are Mother’s Day gifts?

To achieve great sales results right now it’s time to reconsider what is a suitable Mother’s Day gift!

How do I Get More Mother's Day Sales?

How do I Get More Mother’s Day Sales?

Mom’s are a wonderfully diverse bunch with dozens of interests and talents to be celebrated with Mother’s Day Gifts! Think about your own Mom. What did she love? Did Mom love clothing, home decor, her collection(s) or something new for her car or kitchen?

Was Mom an avid tennis player, reader and/ or pet lover?

Moms have dozens if not hundreds of interests! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to help shoppers find the perfect gift for their Mother to celebrate her uniqueness!

Moms love lots of items as gifts!

Moms love lots of items as gifts!

I’ve worked in brick and mortar retail for over 25 years. I put on my retail thinking cap and I’ve come up with a product list of over 35 items that make excellent Mother’s Day gifts. With my product list in your hand you can re think your product offerings. You’ll see how you can approach Mother’s Day sales and increase the cash flow for your online business!

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With my FREE  HOT products tips sheet in hand go through your existing inventory! That’s right, with my tip sheet you can sort through your existing items without any additional purchases and find great items for you to feature for Mother’s Day shoppers! Once selected think through how to promote your selections to welcome online customers!

If you’re selling on eBay, this blog post from eBay For Business has tips for you on how to best showcase your eBay items for Mother’s Day shoppers using eBay collections, social media and more!

With your FREE Mother’s Day Hot Products List you are on the fast track for Mother’s Day sales now!