One of the greatest costs to running a successful online business whether on eBay or Etsy or your own website is the cost of inventory!

I am reminded by this weekly on the hit ABC TV series Shark Tank! Entrepreneurs  regularly arrive on the show to ask the sharks for funding for their inventory!
To be a success selling on eBay and Etsy it’s crucial for sellers to watch costs.

Keeping costs under control is always a crucial element for the total health and continual success of your online business.

Sellers ask me “Kathy where can I get free stuff to sell?”
Well sellers, I’m going to tell you!

1- Go in your closets and drawers!

Though technically not “free” unless everything in your closet was given to you, your home is full of potential items to sell. Make a pile of items that are still in great condition but that you and your family no longer use! Now you have plenty of products to sell on eBay. If you also have vintage items in your pile you can also list it on Etsy!

2- Offer to take unwanted items from friends and family.

Many times if you offer to help people clean out their garage or attic you’ll find that they will end up with boxes of items they are ready to get rid of ! Many of  these unneeded products are still in great shape, it’s just the owner doesn’t want or need them anymore! Well online sellers volunteer to take the boxes!

Volunteer to take the boxes!

Volunteer to take the boxes!

3- Check Craig’s List and Free Cycle papers in your area.

There are great items offered for free for you to pick up from someone downsizing and/or moving.
Some free cycle groups have strict rules against re selling so be sure and check your local free cycle guidelines.
Do a little research online and you’ll quickly know if the free item is something you want to pick up to sell on eBay or Etsy!

4- Be at yard sales, estate sales, auctions at the end of the event!

Yes you heard me right at the end and I’ll tell you why! Often there is still lots of great items as the sales are ending. The people running the events DON’T want to have to rebox and haul the inventory home and or throw it out! Again sellers you are there to help! Volunteer to pack the items and take them off the tired seller’s hands. They are happy to not have another task after along day, and you just scored more inventory!

7pm clock

So sellers volunteer! Volunteer to help friend’s clean out attics, volunteer to take unsold inventory at sales and auctions and keep an eye on you own home for inventory on your shelves!

Next week, more sources of free stuff to sell on eBay and Etsy!