One of the most powerful tools in business is inspiration!

Yes, you heard me right, inspiration!

Did you know we all need to be inspired?

Did you know we all need to be inspired?

You need it,  and  did you know that your customers need to be inspired? They do.

Also if you didn’t know it, inspiration to work and engage needs to be genuine.

Artifice can be smelled at a thousand paces.

What inspires you? Is it a beautiful painting, an uplifting quote, glorious music? Share what you love with your customers and followers. Encourage them to share back with you.

What do Richard Branson and Mark Cuban both do? 

They freely share their passion and what inspires them!

Take a look at their followers on social media and how much engagement they get! It’s not just because they are celebrity entrepreneurs and multi millionaires.

It’s because they inspire.

Actually one of the reasons they are uber wealthy and very successful entrepreneurial businessmen is because they know how to inspire!

Step out..go ahead and inspire! It’s a wonderful and effective business tool. And who knows, it might bring a big smile to your face and others and that’s a good thing.