eBay seller Kristin Swanson recently discovered the enormous power of one well chosen hashtag on Twitter!

The Power of The Hashtag!

The Power of The Hashtag!

When Kristin was at a White Castle restaurant on a recent trip to Las Vegas in July she took and posted a picture of her White Castle hamburgers with a beer with the hashtag #WhiteCastle!

A month passes and White Castle messages her can they use her picture for International Beer Day on August 7?

White Castle's Tweet with Kristin's PIcture!

White Castle’s Tweet with Kristin’s Picture!

Of course savvy ebay store owner Kristin said yes!

When White Castle tweeted Kristin’s picture on International Beer Day they included her Twitter name @premier_finds in their tweet that went out to their over 70,000 followers and fans!
Premier Finds Twitter Account!

Guess who had record sales in her ebay store on International Beer Day?
kristins ebay
Kristin’s eBay Store Premier Finds!

The take away from this remarkable event? When you are out and about at restaurants, movies, and shopping be sure to take pictures and tweet! You’ll want to include the establishment’s name in one of the hashtags that you chose!

Social media is social and big brands are always out and about and they are looking for authenticity and that includes you and photos from your smart phone!

Here’s a  toast to a well placed hashtag! Congrats Kristin!