Did you know that there is a perfect ad on Facebook for small business?

There is a Facebook ad that is perfect for eBay, EtsyAmazon , online sellers, small businesses and entrepreneurs!

What is the perfect Facebook Ad?

What Is The Perfect Facebook Ad?

I know you’re thinking, “Kathy, Kathy, tell me!” I recently Periscoped a meeting I had with Kim Garst’s Boom Social co founder Terry Williamson. Terry shared that he and Kim Garst grew Boom Social’s email list by 75,000 subscribers this past year with what they found to be the perfect Facebook advertisement.

Drum roll please!

Terry explained that the perfect Facebook ad is one that gets clicked!  That may sound simple but it’s amazing how often sellers and small businesses completely forget this.

There is an art to the click.

Terry shared that there are 3 1’s to the perfect Facebook ad!

The 3 1's To The Perfect Facebook Ad!

The 3 1’s To The Perfect Facebook Ad!

1- The Perfect Facebook Ad addresses 1 and only 1 pain point. Identify 1 pain point for your ideal customer.
1- The Perfect Facebook Ad answers the 1 pain point with 1 and only 1 solution. You have this problem, I have the solution!
1- The Perfect Facebook Ad has 1 and only 1 call to action! Your call to action can be click this, download this. It needs to be specific, clear and only 1!

Combine the 3 1’s with a killer graphic!

Use a super graphic that can be done easily and inexpensively on Canva with your 3 1’s and you’re good to go!

Boom Social offers a FREE Ultimate Facebook Ads Jumpstart Guide for you to use for your business. Click HERE to get this awesome free small business tool.

Here is a large part of my interview with Boom Social co founder Terry Williamson. You’ll find Terry freely sharing amazing tips to help you craft the perfect Facebook ad for your own online business!


I can’t wait to hear about all your successes with your perfect Facebook ads!