If you run a successful business, you are going to make mistakes.

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Mistakes are not necessarily #1 killer of businesses, did you know that? The errors you make in your eBay, Etsy or Amazon business do not need to destroy your business. #1 way to destroy your online business is to ignore or excuse your mistakes.

You will make mistakes. You will buy inventory that doesn’t sell. Perhaps you’ll allow too much unlisted inventory to pile up. The list goes on and on.

What sets a successful business apart from the ones that fail is that successful sellers take responsibility for their failures.

President George Washington said “99% of failure come from people who make excuses”.
When you make an error in your eBayEtsy  or Amazon business you want to pause and think. Is the mistake an error in your research? Did the markets change?  Is your mistake a matter of timing? Did you make a business choice on emotion rather than data? Gut choices can be huge winners and there are times when emotional choices lead to belly flops.

When you make an error, it’s a good time to turn to a friend who is a seasoned seller and/or grab some time with a good consultant. Take the time to review your choices and learn from your mistakes. 

You may learn that your choice is fine and you are being impatient.

I know that as soon a I list inventory I want it sold immediately!

I Want My Listings To Sell Immediately!

I Want My Listings To Sell Immediately!

When sales are slow and the bills are starting to pile up stop before you are in over your head. Confer with someone you trust. To blindly keep going when things don’t seem to be working in your business is inviting disaster. 

Re-purposing inventory is a super way to drive sales and increase cash flow. 

My Secret Spice For Online Sales class shows you how to turn your eBay, Etsy and Amazon inventory into cash now!

When mistakes happen, think, talk, regroup, re purpose and push onward to success in your online business!

Re-group, then on to success!

Re-group, then on to success!