eBay is returning to Las Vegas July 25-28 welcoming eBay sellers to the annual event eBay OPEN.

eBay OPEN is a mega conference event produced by eBay for it’s sellers. It’s a time of celebration and learning for the eBay community.

Sellers and staff come from not only all across the United Sates, but from around the world. eBay pulls out all the stops using cutting edge technology in it’s information and inspiring presentations, workshops and festivities.

If you’ll be at eBay OPEN, it’s worthwhile to take a bit of time to prepare before the event. Preparation can maximize the benefits of attendance.

Here are practical tips to help you take advantage of everything this eye popping event has to offer!

On the practical side:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking going to and from presentations and workshops.
  2. It’s smart to carry a light sweater or hoodie with you. Las Vegas will be 100 degrees outside, but indoors there is plenty of air conditioning.
  3. Carry a water bottle with you. It’s easy to get dehydrated in Las Vegas.
  4. Bring lots of business cards. Also have something handy to collect business cards. When meeting with eBay staff it’s smart to get their business card. It will help you  if/when you want to follow up with them on their tips and suggestions. If you’re carrying a smart phone the free app Cam Card is great for scanning business cards.
  5. Carry the electrical plugs for your cell phones, tablets and cameras. Also carry spare juice packs for your camera, phones, tablets and cameras. The days are long and eventful at eBay OPEN. You’ll want to take lots of notes, pictures and video!

Bring Business Cards!
On the educational side, if you’re attending eBay OPEN , you have selected which workshops you are attending. This year’s workshops are Efficient Selling Toolbox, Seller Hub, Know Your Numbers, Smart Shipping, The Perfect Listing, Know Your Audience, Maximizing Sales With eBay Marketing Tools, Building Your Brand Through Social Media, Going Global, Take Better Pictures, Case Studies, Fashion Sellers Q&A, Top Sellers Collectors Q&A, Top Sellers Hard Goods Q&A and A Conversation About Entrepreneurship. I want to take them all! Last year the workshops were videotaped. eBay has made no announcement yet about taping this year’s workshops.

What can be smart is to split the workshops with your eBay selling buddies and agree to meet up and compare notes!

Compare notes with seller friendss

Whichever workshops you plan to attend think through your eBay business needs now.

What specific questions do you want answered? If it’s not covered in the presentation, there is always a question and answer time at the end of each workshop. You can also often get time one on one with presenters in between presentations. eBay OPEN also will have an abundance of meet up areas and eBay staff team areas. Be sure and get time with the eBay staff teams of your choice.

Want to meet eBay executives? If you’re attending the eBay OPEN reception on July 25th,  if you keep an eye out you might be able to spot eBay CEO Devin Wenig, eBay’s Sr Vice President of North America Hal Lawton and Bob Kupbens Vice President of B2C Selling & Global Trust mingling with sellers.

You’ll see key eBay executives chatting with sellers throughout the event. Be bold, walk up and introduce yourself. eBay executives are attending to let you know their vision for eBay and to hear from sellers.

Don’t overlook the eBay vendors that are sponsoring eBay OPEN. Speaking with vendors is a great way to learn of new selling tools and hear of updates to tools you use. Cross channel sellers stop by Volo Commerce or Channel Advisor. Want to talk payments? Visit Paypal. Shipping solutions in attendance are Ship Station, Shiprush and Shippo. Insurance  questions for your shipping, chat with Shipsurance.
If you’re looking for a listing tool stop by Inkfrog, Auctiva or Crazylister. Collectible sellers will enjoy learning of updates to the listing research tool Worthpoint. Looking to outsource some of your work and hire a VA? 2nd Office is attending.

Sellers are always looking for great inventory to sell! Stop by BULQ and learn about the awesome wholesale liquidation inventory they offer sellers.

To accommodate sellers of all sizes BULQ offers inventory by case and by the pallet.

eBay OPEN explodes on Thursday with the eBay seller SHINE award winner being announced. Everyone heads to the party at the Brooklyn Bowl Thursday night to celebrate. This year’s band is Barenaked Ladies.

Wishing you could get in on all the learning and festivities? You can!

eBay For Business promises coverage on their Facebook Business page and Twitter account at @eBayForBusiness. Be sure and tune in for eBay Radio’s live broadcasts during the 3 days. On Twitter search by the hashtag #eBayOPEN2017. Keep an eye on social media for pictures, tweets, posts and live video from eBay and attendees!

eBay OPEN goes FAST.

Thinking through your priorities now, taking notes, making plans and writing down your questions in advance will help you to get the information you need to grow your eBay business and have the best time ever!

EBay OPEN 2017