Online sellers are turning to me asking for my hot tips for 2016 Holiday sales success! Sellers want to know what are my insider tips to really sky rocket their sales on eBay, Etsy and Amazon! I give them my super duper insider tip. Want to know what it is?

Keep the customer first.

Some will respond to me, “Kathy that’s too simple.” “OK” I say, “Take a few minutes and think.”

When you pick inventory to sell, what are your major concerns? You consider cost and if the item will sell.

The bottom line for sellers is, you don’t make money if customers don’t buy what you’re offering.

Do Your Products Sell?

Do Your Products Sell?

Discovering and then selling what shoppers want, that is keeping customers first.

When you list your product online on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and your own website, you take clear pictures to showcase your inventory. Your item’s title and description is crafted using carefully selected words ( keywords) that shoppers would use when searching for your product online.

You offer a generous and hassle free return policy to gain and maintain customer confidence in you and your products.

All of that is keeping your customer first. You are crafting a listing and business policies that keeps your shopper’s needs up front and center. The customer is first.

Once your item is sold, you carefully package the item with the intent of protecting your customer’s purchase so that it arrives safely.

The purchased item is then sent off quickly to satisfy the eager customer.

Doing all this, you are keeping the customer first. Should there be questions or concerns at anytime of the purchase or afterwards you quickly and politely respond.

It's All About The Customer!

It’s All About The Customer!

From start to finish it’s ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER.

With all the sourcing, listing and packing of product in addition to posting on social media, the primary focus of one’s business can get lost. The fundamental truth for any successful business is that it’s ALL about the customers.

Selling customers what they want, and wowing them with your care and speed of delivery gets you repeat business and profits.

So the number one key to Holiday selling success for 2016 ( and any year) is, all during the frenzy of the Holiday selling season, keep asking yourself one question.

“Am I taking care of my customers?”