This will the most competitive sales season ever on eBay! There are more eBay sellers and more inventory online than ever before. How can small and medium sellers compete and win in this ferocious online environment?

Smaller sellers can score their share of sales now and all through the Holidays. Here are the top three ways to do it!


First of all, prices change on the internet.  Hot products prices change during the shopping season depending on availability. So, if you sell in demand Holiday products, monitor prices carefully. Take advantage of these fluctuations.  Small – medium sellers can pivot, changing their  prices. Also, small sellers can get often source popular items far faster than larger online retailers.  Use the eBay saved search feature to monitor new listings and competition online.

There are numerous hot categories right now.

Trendy clothes, party clothes, electronics, home decor, sporting goods, sports memorabilia, and crafts are all hot categories. For in depth research use Terapeak’s (ad) Hot Product Research. If you’re analyzing seasonal trends nothing beats Terapeak’s  (ad)three years of sold data!


The majority of Americans have a social media profile. #Facebook

81% of Americans have social media profiles.

Statista reports that 81% of Americans have a social media profile! Facebook leads the way in social media with a reported 2 billion monthly users as of July 2017.

Social media is not just for big brands.

Smaller sellers can use social media to their advantage and win! What’s key with social media  is to laser focus on your potential customer is. With that in mind, post social content mixed in with products. My Top Ten Social Media Holiday Success Tips shows you clearly how use social media to your advantage. So, you can reach your customers with social media and score sales.

Smaller sellers can beat larger sellers when it comes to rapid customer service. #SmallBusiness

By answering within minutes of getting the query, you the smaller seller will score the sale.


Many large online sellers answer customer service questions with an auto responder. A customer will ask about color or fit and they get a message that the seller will get back to them within one business day. Monitor your customer service and shopper inquiries closely. By answering within minutes of getting the query, you the smaller seller will score the sale.

Shoppers don’t want to wait. They want answers. They want to buy.

YOU, the quick to respond seller scores sales. I’ve gotten numerous messages from happy customers saying ” Thank you for answering my questions. Wow that was fast. I bought from you because your replied so quickly etc”  Answering questions promptly works to get you sales during the hectic Holiday period and all year long!

Being a smaller seller can has it advantages! By closely monitoring prices, posting great engaging content on social media and being super responsive to customer service question, you gain the sales edge online!

Here’s to sales coming your way sellers!