As an ecommerce entrepreneur selling on ebay do you love using Social Media and want to save time?

Hoot Suite has a great way for you to do just that!

In Chrome and Firefox install the Hoot Suite extension.

Now you have HOOTLET on your web browser.

Go to your ebay sales item ( this works whether your have an ebay store or not)
and click the twitter bird icon.

You can tweet with ebay or HOOTLET

Once you pick HOOTLET you can choose
1- which twitter account tweets the ebay item if you have multiple accounts to pick from.

2- You can also schedule ( yes I said schedule) the tweet from Hootlet which takes only seconds!

You can install and use Hootlet whether you have a free or a paid Hootsuite account.

Using Hootlet to tweet your ebay sales items saves you time and it is very easy to do!

Now that’s something to hoot about!

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