The Holidays are here. Social media campaigns are in full swing to attract shoppers. eBay sellers turn to me and ask,

“How can I stand out to shoppers on social media this Holiday season?”

The answer is keywords.

Ground your Holiday Planner for 2017 with awesome keywords.

Without good keywords, it’s as if you are taking your items and throwing them in a heap on the floor. You are daring shoppers and search engines to find your products. Keywords enable search engines and customers to discover your listing.

Sellers can forget to think like a buyer. When listing a plush teddy bear toy think, “What words would I be using to find this?” I would search, plush toy, plush teddy bear, teddy bear, small teddy bear, big teddy bear, boy teddy bear, pink teddy bear etc.

Keywords are words that detail and describe your item. They are brands, colors, styles, period and the size of the product. Terms like Nike, Under Armour, Mid Century Modern, lace, 100% cotton and more.

This blog post What Are Keywords from Moz, explains keywords.

Keywords are words that detail and describe your item. #SEO #eBay

Keywords are words that detail and describe your item.

Terapeak’s keyword research tool SEO Pro gives eBay sellers effective choices for their listings and social media.

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This Facebook live I did explains selecting Holiday keywords for your eBay listings and social media.

It pays to think like a buyer when listing and doing social media. Good keywords get you found in search. They get you sales.

Combine Holiday keywords with the tips in my Essential Social Media Cheat Sheet and you’re ready for your best Christmas sales season ever.