Selling success is simple.

Selling success is simple.

“What?!”, you’re thinking, “But Kathy as an online seller what about inventory sourcing, storing product, customer service, cash flow and social media! In addition there are never enough hours in the day for me to finish my daily to do list!”

All those factors are true and must be successfully dealt with for you to have a prosperous online selling business whether you are selling on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and/ or your own website. But there is something far more important that you must start with if you are looking to succeed as a seller.

This key element to success is spoken of often in the hit TV series Shark Tank and The Profit.

Watching the hit TV shows Shark Tank and The Profit what one characteristic do the investors look for in an entrepreneur that’s worth their time and money? It’s passion. Yes passion is fundamental to success as an online seller. Certainly you need to use good business practices or your passion can torpedo your success on eBay, Etsy , Amazon and or your own website. But without passion when it’s crunch time, you’ll give up and or not give it your best and fail.

How do I feed my passion?


feed your passion


As an online business person with your day filled to overflowing how do you keep your passion alive? When I watch the TV shows Shark Tank and The Profit I note often the entrepreneurs that look to be on a successful path are run by people that their small business is very meaningful to them. Their business is an homage to a dear parent or relative. Some of the business owners are deeply passionate about employing people in their local area or fund a cause with a percentage of their sales.

Whatever drives the entrepreneurs, the questions arises how do keep they you and me keep our business passion alive? The answer to that is deeply personal.

To succeed it’s important that you stay connected to your core passion.

Is it having the pictures of the person or cause that motivates you in your office?  Does looking at daily sales numbers help you stay connected to your passion? For some prayer and meditation will connect them to what drives and motivates their business passion. There is no right or wrong answer to what or how it is best for you to stay passionate. What is fundamental to your personal and professional success as a business owner is that you regularly connect with your passion.

regularly (2)

Take the time daily to connect.

Whatever connects you to your passion do it. Do it daily. This ritual of connection will  keep you grounded and focused.  Don’t be the seller that looses your passion.
Connect with your passion, use it and watch your business skyrocket!