Mother’s Day was yesterday, and as a savvy online seller you might be thinking it’s time to focus on Memorial Day and Father’s Day!

And the answer is yes BUT!

The But is many Moms got gifts of cash and or gifts cards, so now guess what Moms are enjoying doing today and all this week?!

Guess what Moms are enjoying doing today!

Guess what Moms are enjoying doing today!

You guessed right smart seller, they are shopping!

So whether you’re an ebay or etsy seller or have your own website keep those Mother’s Day items of fashion. collectibles and more readily available and front and center for Moms selecting some treats for themselves this week!

Here’s a youtube video I did to encourage you this week selling to Moms!

In less than 1 minute you’ll have to maximize your profits this week!

That’s right, in less than a minute!

Have you clicked it yet?