eCommerce seller’s will say to me , “Kathy I know, Mother’s Day is coming, but I don’t have any Mother’s Day gift ideas in my store inventory, help!”

And I respond, “it’s time to re-think Mother’s Day and let’s look at your inventory!”

Do you sell collectibles? Then you can offer your online and brick and mortar shoppers the gift of memories!
I recently blogged on this for my online store offering my customers gifts for their Mom’s of a beautiful ceramic dish from pre World War II and another choice from the 1980’s.
NYC Fitness Family Finds Online Blog on Mother’s Day Gifts of Memories!
Mother's Day Gifts of Memories!

But, you say to me, I sell auto parts or electronics! Well, don’t loving children buy their Mom a new set of hubcaps, or replace her spark plugs? Does Mom still play CDs? She might be due for a new CD player, as i tunes are not her idea of a way to listen to music.

The point is for you take some time and look at your inventory and think. 

After all, Mother’s Day is more than clothes, jewelry and perfume!( Not that those aren’t terrific gifts and I hope my son is reading this).
Moms Love A Huge Variety of Items!

Mother’s Day gifts are ipods, ipads, computers, a dinner out, plates, glassware, any number of collectibles, DVDs, flowers, jewelry, power tools, auto parts, books, crafts supplies, fabric, mugs, her favorite tea, bubble bath and and just about anything you can think of because there is a huge assortment of Moms out there all with different lifestyles and tastes in what they love.

So, entrepreneur it’s time to rethink your approach to Mother’s Day for your customers! Make sure you have a Mother’s Day category in your store and a Mother’s Day Board on the social media platform Pinterest.

Fill  your Mother’s Day category and Pinterest Board  With Your Finest  Picks!

Fill  your eCommerce Mother’s Day category and Pinterest Board with the best of the wonderful variety of goods you sell and welcome shoppers in!

Happy Mother’s Day, for your grateful customers and you!