eBay’s new shipping program Guaranteed Delivery  launched to all eBay buyers as of November 2017.

eBay states that Guaranteed Delivery offers shoppers millions of items.

First of all, here is how to use Guaranteed Delivery to maximize your Holiday sales this year.

How to use Guaranteed Delivery to maximize your eBay Holiday sales this year. #eBay

Here is how to use Guaranteed Delivery to maximize your eBay Holiday sales this year.

Furthermore, the Guaranteed Delivery program is not available to all sellers right now. I spoke with Greg Ross-Smith Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Delivery Experience, eBay. Greg says sellers not in Guaranteed Delivery are wait listed. Noteworthy is that wait listed sellers will get access to Guaranteed Delivery in 2018.

So, sellers ask,” Kathy how do we know if we’re in right now?” In your eBay account go to “Account Setting” and then locate”Site Preferences”. Next, find your “eBay Guaranteed Delivery Setting”. So, you are wait listed if the Guaranteed Delivery setting is not in your Site Preferences. Know if you are opted in by clicking HERE, and select the opt in for Guaranteed Delivery.

Most of all sellers, use Guaranteed Delivery to maximize your sales.

So, go through your items for sale. Offer same and or one business day handling time. Furthermore, provide a returns policy and click immediate payment required. Best Offer listings are eligible for Guaranteed Delivery, when a shopper clicks immediate payment at full price. Furthermore, Guaranteed Delivery has two versions. The Handling Time Option is a fit for most small – medium sellers

Requirement of eBay shipping labels waived for the Holidays.

First of all, this is great news for multi channel sellers using Stamps.com ( affiliate link I make a small commission) and other third party shipping services.

With the toggle option, only items in eBay's Guaranteed Delivery Program are shown. #GuaranteedDelivery

With the toggle option, only items in eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery Program are shown.

So, shoppers using the Guaranteed Delivery toggle option, only see items in the Guaranteed Delivery Program.

Product search benefits with Guaranteed Delivery.

Customers search by how fast they want their items to arrive with the Guaranteed Delivery filter. Shoppers view a one to four day arrival time for their packages. So due to shipping options Seller’s listings show in more customer searches. Include these shipping choices with the Bulk Edit tool. Business Policies is another way to add multiple delivery options. So, with adding shipping options sellers score more views, impressions, clicks and sales. Greg Ross-Smith states that Guaranteed Delivery does not effect Best Match search.

How many sales do I have with Guaranteed Delivery?

You have a Guaranteed Delivery Dashboard. Here is how it works.

Wait listed sellers, keep your Holiday sales strong. eBay is publicizing how fast buyers get items. You can do the same. Talk about how quickly you mail purchases in your social media. Share customer feedback about the speed of your shipping.

Use my Top 10 Holiday Sales Success Social Media Tips , to increase sales results with your Christmas social media.

List using shipping upgrades. Offer customers a variety of shipping options for their purchases. Get busy on social media. Spread the word about how fast you ship.

eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery program brings hundreds of thousands of  Christmas shoppers to eBay. More shoppers is good news for all sellers!