There are 2 important dates this week for eBay sellers! May 1 is the first important date for sellers for 2 reasons!

eBay Top Rated sellers that want to maintain Top Rated Plus Status and it’s 20% final value fee discount will need to offer 30 day returns as of May 1.

Offer 30 Returns To Keep Top Rated Plus Discount!

Offer 30 Returns To Keep Top Rated Plus Discount!

The criteria to be a Top Rated Seller on eBay remains the same and is outlined on eBay HERE.

Newer eBay sellers may not be aware of the fact that you do not need to have an eBay store to be a Top Rated or Top Rated Plus seller.

The criteria for eBay‘s Top Rated Seller is the amount of time the seller has been actively selling on eBay, the seller’s number of transactions and total sales dollars with US buyers and outstanding customer service.

One can be a Top Rated Seller on eBay and NOT Top Rated Plus.

To achieve the Top Rated Plus standing for one’s eBay listings the Top Rated Seller must offer same or 1 business day handling and as of May 1, a 30 day money back guarantee. Top Rated Plus status is a huge plus for seller’s profits on eBay! Every item of a Top Rated Seller’s that meets the criteria for Top Rated Plus receives a 20% final value fee discount on the item when it sells. This Top Rated Plus discount has no ceiling. Sellers can save $30, $50, $100 and more every month by making sure once they achieve Top Rated Seller status that they set up their listings to get the Top Rated Plus seal and discount!

The 2nd reason for eBay sellers to pay special attention to May 1 is that eBay store owners will get more listings for each eBay Store Level!

May 6 Means More Listing For eBay Stores!

May 1 Means More Listing For eBay Stores!

All levels of eBay store are getting more listings as of May 1! Basic stores will get an increase of 50 fixed price listings, and increase of 150 auction listings in fashion and collectibles. This will mean Basic store owners will have a monthly allotment of 250 fixed price listings and 250 in auctions, with category restrictions for auctions. eBay Premium store owners increase from 500 to 1000 fixed price listings per month. Premium store owners will also see their monthly allotment of auctions listings in certain categories increase from 100 to 500. Anchor store owners monthly allocation of fixed price listings rise from  from 2,500 to 10,000! Anchor stores are also seeing an increase from 100 auctions listings in certain categories to 1,000! All store levels also will receive coupons towards eBay branded shipping supplies. Anchor stores will receive customer service phone support as of July 1.

The 2nd Date for eBay sellers to note in May is May 6.

eBay stores all change prices as of May 6. eBay store sellers will be able to change their store level without penalty until June 4. When a seller switches up or down up until June 4 the seller fees will be prorated by the choice(s) the seller makes.

It is always good to be a Top Rated Seller on eBay. Once a seller achieves Top Rated status to gain the 20% final value fee Top Rated Plus discount make sure you offer same or 1 business day handing and a 30 day or better money back guarantee!

Here’s to wonderful savings and sales coming your way eBay seller!