eBay sellers have been coming to me for weeks asking, “Kathy, how can I increase my Summer sales?” Are you ready for the answer?  The answer is, “Work smart”. Here’s how.

First of all, consider what do people buy in the summer? If you can’t think of anything, then jump on social media. Read what your friends are talking about. So, are they discussing graduation, job hunting, gardening, travel, new films coming out or weddings? Take notes on what they are discussing.

To do these activities, what do people need to own? Write a list. Look for these items when you’re shopping at yard sales, auctions, retail stores and outlets.

Use social media to discover what sells in the Summer. #eBay

What sells on eBay in the Summer?

Next, go through your unlisted inventory. Do you have in demand Summer items sitting in your unlisted pile of inventory? List those items now.

Sort through products you’ve already listed. Do you have products that shoppers would want for Summer activities?

Feature those products now to your Summer shoppers. Don’t forget to promote your Fall-Winter items for your international shoppers and for people traveling to colder climates during the summer. Just as Christmas sell year round, so do Winter clothes!

If you have an eBay store you have an awesome tool to increase Summer sales. It’s the order discount tool, Promotions Manager.

Using Promotions Manager, you can attract summer shoppers to your eBay store and keep your sales strong all summer long.

So, there are essential keys to using Promotions Manager successfully.

Make sure to group similar items together in your Promotion. Creating a Promotion that includes men’s shirts with women’s shoes is unlikely to succeed. A much better choice would be two Promotions. One Promotion for men’s clothing separate from another Promotion for women’s clothing. For collectibles consider grouping items of a similar color or period. Even if the Promotions all offer the same order discount, you want to create separate Promotions for each category of products.

Grouping Promotions with similar items, increases your likelihood of a shopper using your discount.

Increase your sales by grouping similar products, #eBay

Group similar products you’re selling on eBay to increase sales.

Once you have your listings in mind for your Promotion, check what your average shopping cart size is. Look at your sales for the past 90 days. On average how much do customers buy from you? Do they typically spend $30, $50, $60 or more?  Whatever the typical dollar amount is, you want to select a discount that encourages shoppers to spend more with you, while you still make an acceptable profit.

A discount under 20% is not going to get anybody’s attention.

Look to discount 20% or more. eBay staffers state that there is data showing shoppers love order discount offers. With this in mind create an appealing offer of 20% or more and score sales!

In addition, Promotions Manager can be combined with Promoted listings for more sales. I detail this strategy in The Secret To Boosting Sales On eBay.

An added benefit to using Promotions Manager is that your items will be offered to more shoppers by eBay.

There are other  items that are shown to shoppers in addition to what you have in your Promotion, but your Promotion will be displayed frequently to consumers. I explain this, and show it to you in this YouTube.

Don’t settle for a Summer slow down in your sales on eBay this Summer.

Fight back, going the extra mile with product research and attractive order discounts. Be determined to have strong sales ALL Summer long!