If you have a brick and mortar or online small to medium sized business a Facebook Business page is an essential free and invaluable tool for you to gain interaction with customers and sales!

Step 1 is create a Personal Profile on Facebook!

Step 1 is create a Personal Profile on Facebook!

Facebook step by step instructions to create your personal profile
Step 1 for most sellers will be to start a personal page on Facebook.
Once you’ve done that ( and many sellers already have one), you want to add a business page for your website, ebay, etsy or other online sales venture.

Following this infographic and video you’ll know how to add a Facebook Business Page.
Setting up Your Facebook Business Page Tutorial!

Now that your page is in place if you are an ebay , etsy  or Bonanza seller there are free apps from esoftie that you can add to your Facebook Business Page to import your listings. Once installed there will be a tab for the listings on your Facebook Business Page.

Free Apps For to use with your Facebook Page for eCommerce Items!

But wait there’s more! You can also install free apps from Woobox for your Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram accounts to your Facebook Business Page enabling  your Facebook followers to easily find you on other social media!
Free social media WooBox Apps!
pinterest my boards
Again once your apps are installed you’ll find them on your Facebook Business Page under “more”.

One last tweak for your Facebook Business Page is to add a “Shop Now”. Here’s how to do that quickly and easily!

Now that your Facebook Business Page is set, you’ll want some people to like your page! Here are two easy ways to gets likes! First is to message friends and family and ask them for likes.

Next you’ll announce your new page on other social media venues where you already have a following and invite your followers to come over to your Facebook Business Page and like it!

Welcome people to your page with engaging content tailored to their interests and some of your choicest products! It’s always wise to mix lots of social content in with your product postings while making your product postings very social.

Following big brands in your category can be very helpful for content ideas and strategies! Watching how they craft their posts will inspire you!

Watching Large Brands Can Inspire You!

Watching Large Brands Can Inspire You!

Have fun engaging with and attracting your shoppers!