Well eBay store owners it’s now 56 days til Christmas!

It's 56 days til Christmas!

It’s 56 days til Christmas!

From part 1 in this series of preparing your eBay store for the Holidays you have a nice Holiday store header in place or ready to be put in place for your eBay store.

The next step to bringing Holiday cheer into your eBay store is your store description!

This is a very, very important part of your store. Store descriptions are very overlooked by many, many eBay sellers.

Everything  you place in your eBay store reflects on you and your business. Oftentimes what I’ll see when I read store descriptions  is “Welcome to my store! I love to go shopping. And look for these things every day. Just come back and shop with me again.”

No, no , no! Sellers did you know that eBay gives all store owners of all levels 1000 characters for them to use in their store description. It is SEO territory. What this means is that the search engines actually crawl your descriptions. You want to put in there who and what you are using great keywords. Your keywords are essential for your ebay store and it’s products getting  picked up by the search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing and ebay’s search.

You want to be found by the search engines!

You want to be found by the search engines!

An excellent store description that is crafted full of well chosen keywords helps your customers. When your customers see your store description they will get a clear sense of who you are and what you carry. An optimized store description invites shoppers in to browse and buy!

Invite shoppers in to browse and buy!

Invite shoppers in to browse and buy!

Think about what are you selling. What types of items, what brands, and write down a list. From that list start to write a welcoming description that is professional and descriptive.

Here is an excellent store description from Antique and collectible seller Darryl Reilly and his ebay store Reilly & Jenks Antiques.

“Happy Holidays. Welcome to Reilly and Jenks Antiques. We have been selling on line for over 20 years and selling on eBay since 1996. Vintage Holiday items including Putz, ornaments, houses and other items. We offer a fine selection of Formal, Country and Primitive Furnishings and Accessories. Early American Pattern Glass a specialty and have full line from Sandwich to Higbee. We have written five books on the subject including Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions. Other glassware from early blown mold to Pyrex. We have mens clothing emphasizing Hawaiian shirts, baseball caps and ties. A selection of coffee cups & mugs. Plush and vintage toys. Fine china from early transferware to RS Prussia and Nippon to modern day. Textiles including fabrics, feedsacks, quilts and quilt blocks and sewing items with early 19th to mid century styles. We have a nice grouping of kitchen items from preparation, cooking, baking to serving. You will also find interesting items for home decoration.”

Darryl is incorporating Holiday language to greet his shoppers. He uses wonderful grouping of keywords that let me know his expertise and at the same time he covers a huge variety of goods in a friendly and professional way.

Write that list of your top selling items, categories and best keywords.

Watch this webinar I did on preparing your eBay store to see other great examples of store descriptions to inspire you!

It’s time to get use those 1000 characters eBay store owners to welcome search engines and shoppers!