Online sellers will say to me, “Kathy, How do I increase my sales?”. My answer is simple, “Visit Macys!”
Macys Memorial Day Weekend 2014

“Visit Macy’s?!,  Kathy I don’t want to go shopping I want to increase my online sales!”

Well, online seller I tell you why you should want to visit Macy’s regularly and any brick and mortar near you that sells your product lines.

Visiting retail stores is an amazing opportunity for you to learn merchandising and taking note of what inventory is hot and what is not.

Did you know that according to the US Census of 2014 over 93% of total retail sales are in brick and mortar stores! That means less than 10% of retail is online!

Less than 10% of retail sales are on the internet!

Less than 10% of retail sales are on the internet!

With these government statistics in mind an online seller has a gold mine of information inside any and all retail stores! If brick and mortar had over 93% of retail sales it’s time to learn from them and get their customers to shop with you online!

Questions to ask yourself when you enter a store is what merchandise greets you?
Is a season featured or is it a sale?

What merchandise, seasons. colors are being offered?

What merchandise, seasons. colors are being offered?

If it’s a sale what kind of inventory is being featured?
What colors do you see and what kind of display fixtures?

Do you have anything similar? How can you translate what you see in inventory, season , a sale event to your online store with design colors, store categories and banners?

How can you translate what you see in retail stores to your online presence to score sales and happy repeat buyers?

Look at what shoppers are buying and listen to what they are talking about to know what is hot and what is not.

Grab your tip sheet I’m offering at the end of this post to help you with these questions and more!

This valuable checklist is from a presentation I did recently in Las Vegas for hundreds of online sellers at the ebay radio party and conference.

The title of what I shared was “Are you Macy’s or Bergdorf’s, what you can learn from brick and mortar retail!”
Macys entrance 2
With this sales tips checklist you can learn and grow your online business from every retail store you walk into where it’s a department store or car dealership!

The question remains, are you Macy’s or Bergdorf’s?
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