Online sellers will ask me, “Kathy, I want to increase my online sales and get more repeat customers, what can I do?”.

My answer is, “deliver extraordinary customer service to each and every single one of your customers!”

But Kathy you’re thinking I want something more snazzy, more hip than customer service! I need something eye catching that will really grab my shoppers attention!

I want to excite and engage my customers!

I want to excite and engage my customers!

The answer is yes and superb customer service is that and more!

Why does someone shop with you? Yes you need to sell a product that the customer wants. Yes seller you need to be competitive in price and make sure your item can be found on the internet with a Google search.

With price and availability taken into consideration why is your customer shopping with you?

The answer is customer service! Shoppers can see from reviews and the content on your web site whether or not you are all about them!

Customers need to know you are all about them!

Customers need to know you are all about them!

I had an air conditioner delivered and installed this week. I was having some difficulties which it turned out were my fault as I misread the delivery date and time.

I called the delivery service and realized while I was talked to the owner it was my error. Do you want to know what his response was?

“I will take care of you!”

"I will take care of you!"

“I will take care of you!”


He did just that. He gave me an installation time immediately. A great crew was quickly dispatched to help me.

I went on the the delivery company’s business Facebook page and left a glowing review!

Guess who will speak to all her friends about this great installation service?

Guess who is happy and will now shop with this installation service for the rest of her life?

All of this because this very smart business man uttered 6 words.

“I will take care of you”.

Guess how to grow your business and repeat business? Let each and every customer know that , “I will take care of you” and then do it!