4th Quarter is fast approaching for online entrepreneurs selling on ebay and elsewhere and it’s important to have your inventory listed now!When listing on ebay it is crucial to chose the right keywords and use the best order of the keywords to get maximum results in search for the items that you are selling.
There are thousands of sellers offering products on ebay and the order of your keywords can make a huge difference in how your products show in ebay’s Best Match search. Best Match is the default search on ebay.
You want to do everything you can to be on on the first page of ebay’s Best Match search and your sales item’s titles’ keywords play a role in that,
Here is a short and effective tutorial I did on youtube on how you can write ebay titles that will rank well in ebay search.
How to write great titles for your eBay listings quickly
Do you check your items regularly to see how they rank in ebay’s Best Match search?By watching the above youtube  video for 3 minutes and taking notes you’ll know smart tips to help your items rank better in ebay search.

Better search results mean more of your customers can find your items more easily and you know what that means?

Yes, it means more sales for you! After all if customers can’t find your products they can’t buy them, can they?

Tweak your titles and welcome your customers to your ebay sales items now and all throughout the upcoming Holiday sales season and you’ll be enjoying that festive sound of cha ching, cha ching!