Many non professional sellers sell personal possessions and unused gifts online on the internet in the month of October to raise cash for their family’s Holiday and Christmas spending.

If you as a professional online entrepreneurial seller need a good source of low cost inventory October is a great month for you to shop on ebay, Amazon, etsy, Bonanza and Addoway to buy goods selling below their Holiday re-sell value.

This is an online version of the practice of inventory sourcing called Retail Arbitrage.

What is your area of expertise?

Do you know what sneakers, DVDs, women’s clothes, men’s clothes, children’s toys etc sell for?

Keep an eye on the various internet sales sites for when inventory is priced  low and buy stock for your business to sell during the peak shopping season of Thanksgiving to New Year’s!

Remember the adage, “Buy low, sell, high”?
Well now is the time to be buying low online to sell high later!

It’s time to get shopping!