People will ask me “Kathy how do I get great content for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and the myriad of  social media platforms out there?

One way that I find effective is what I call “cross posting” and this is how I do it.

You have a product that you’ve pinned to Pinterest. I’m using my Tony The Tiger Coffee Mug as an example.
Tony The Tiger Mug On Pinterest

I then write a post on Facebook about this mug. I simply tweaked the copy already on the Pinterest Pin description and posted it on my ebay store Facebook page with a link to the pin.

Tony The Tiger Mug Pinterest Pin Post On Facebook Business Page

I find shortened links are the most effective on Facebook Business pages so I get a shortened link by using the free tool Bitly.

Bitly’s Website

By pinning my Tony The Tiger Mug on my Facebook Business Page with fun content about Tony and Kellogg’s I’m creating engaging content and letting my Facebook followers know about my Pinterest presence and the colorful mug at the same time.

Pinterest Pins are useful in this same manner on Twitter and Google Plus. I could easily post a picture of the pin to my Instagram account.

So, by “cross pinning” I’m creating great content simply and easily and using it effectively on many social media platforms and as a bonus I’m encouraging followers on one venue to join me on another in a very social and pleasant manner!

So the question remains, Do you remember Tony The Tiger?