I had a wonderful conversation with ebay store owner Serena Lee about her delightful store Quality Value Finds. Serena wanted to know how to optimize her social media posts for her ebay store on her Facebook Business page.
Quality Value Finds an ebay store

Like many ebay store owners Serena admitted to struggling with how to curate engaging content. I said I’d take a look at her accounts and see what I could suggest.

I looked at her ebay store inventory and spotted this classic McDonald’s Miss Piggy glass!
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy Drinking Glass!

Well, in case you missed the big news on August 5th CNN news and others reported that Miss Piggy and Kermit had announced to their adoring public that they were calling it quits!
MIss Piggy Kermit
Miss Piggy and Kermit End Their Relationship!

This CNN article is the perfect post for Serena’s Facebook Business Page! After the CNN post later that day or the next, Serena could say here is the glass to toast their future, or reminisce about all their great moments!

What a savvy seller does is to note trends in the news post them in a timely fashion and then later post your own product that relates to the event.

Keep An Eye On News And Trends!

Keep An Eye On News And Trends!

At times it will be right just to post your product, and tie it the current news event. So instead of posting the CNN article, Serena could go right to posting the Miss Piggy glass and say here’s the perfect glass to toast this classic couple, or something to that effect!

Do you get the idea? Look at the news and what’s trending, then look at your products and post some purely social content and then content that ties events and trends to your products!

Have fun with your posts and be engaging. Your followers will appreciate it and enjoy following you and your great content and products !