Pinterest is an effective social marketing and branding tool for any size business( small, medium and large) on Social Media whether your a brick and mortar store, internet or both.

Let’s say you have a Father’s Day Board on Pinterest.
What do you do once the Holiday is over? Do you leave the Board up or delete it?

Rather than lose the followers to that board you can rename the board to something appropriate. So if it’s been let’s say a Mother’s Day Board you could relabel it “What to get that woman in your life” or “Perfect gifts for Her”. You get the idea?

You don’t want to relabel something that has nothing to do with what you were pinning as people followed that board for that content.

One thing to keep in mind anytime you change the name of a Pinterest Board you are changing the URL. If you have put the board somewhere else in the social media world or if you have embedded it as a widget on a page renaming the Pinterest Board will kill the link. In that case you’d want to not change the name. 

So in 5 seconds(or less) you can rename your board and keep your followers. It’s a win win solution.

Next year when that Holiday rolls around just relabel your board again and you’re good to go.
Time to get busy pinning!

The Holiday is over what do I do with my Holiday Pinterest Board?

The Holiday is over what do I do with my Holiday Pinterest Board?