Google search gives preference to it’s own products in Google search.

I’m not making that statement, rather Gary Vaynerchuk is in his widely successful book on social media Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.

So, as an ebay seller looking always to increase my sales and how well my items show on Google search, what do I do with this information?

Google owns YouTube and Google owns Google Plus.
As an ebay or etsy or eCommerce seller I ask you, are you on Google Plus?

What information is in your Google Plus profile?
Did you know in the about section of your Google Plus profile in addition to your social media information of your business twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram accounts etc, that you can also add custom links?

Did you know in that custom link area you can add ebay collections, ebay promotions, ebay guides, etsy treasuries and blog posts to name a few ideas that come to my mind?!
Here’s how to do that.

Once added to your Google Plus profile the information in those custom links is now fed to Google search.

I’m going to repeat that. Any and all information your put in your custom links in your Google Plus profile is fed to Google Search!

Wow! I mean Wow!

Here’s an appearance I did on the nationally syndicated ebay radio show  recently discussing this with Lee Mirabel and Jim “the Griff” Griffith.
ebay radio show Kathy Terrill did explaining Google Plus Search Secrets For Sellers!

Now what are you waiting for?
Get over to your Google Plus profile and get to work!