Yes, your Facebook Business page can be an eBay sales magnet.

Sellers make three sales killing mistakes with their Facebook Business pages.

Halt these errors. Then, watch your business page explode, attracting customers!

#1 Mistake Sellers Make On Facebook

Sellers want a Facebook Business Page.

Use A Business Page!

To start, many sellers sell from their personal profile and not their business page. A business page is free. It takes minutes to set up. Facebook want businesses to  sell from a business page,  not a personal profile. Actually, it’s against their terms of service to sell from your personal profile. Look here at number four, section four. You don’t want to lose your account. So, take the time now to set up a business page. The instructions to do it are here.

#2 Mistake Sellers Make

Don’t sell non-stop if you want to attract customers.

Sellers sell way too hard on Facebook.

Many seller’s business pages are an endless streams of for sale posts. Who likes to be sold to every minute of every day? To be effective, a Business page needs to offer lots of social content. So, thinking along these lines, food and recipes are very engaging. My popular blog post, Get Likes And Followers On Facebook Immediately shows  how to attract shoppers to your page with food posts.

#3 Mistake Sellers Make

Sellers forget to be social on social media.

It is SOCIAL media not selling media. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has consistently spoken of Facebook’s focus on human relationships. On Jan 11,2018 he reaffirmed this, speaking of what is prioritized in the news feed.  Mark Zuckerberg spoke to helping users find relevant and engaging content. So, translated for sellers, that means, it’s time to talk and listen to your customers. I give you killer tips on doing this in my live stream What’s Going On With Facebook And My Business Page?

In closing, use your Business page to create wonderful social and sales content.

Focus on creating and maintaining relationships and conversations.

The more your business page is social, the more followers you’ll attract. This means that when you post your items for sale, they reach more potential customers. Can you hear the cha chings?