Hundreds of thousands of shoppers are on the internet now. They are looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. In short, sellers be ready for this Mother’s Day sale opportunity.

As can be seen, Statista reports Americans spend more than 23 billion dollars on Mother’s Day sale items!

Savvy sellers have their Mother’s Day sales goods ready to go. Prices are researched. Listings are optimized and promoted on social media. Good job!

Some sellers come to me  frustrated. They look at their inventory and note they don’t sell lingerie or perfume. Sellers state, ” Kathy, I have nothing to sell for Mother’s Day gifts!”

Mother's Day sale gift ideas #MothersDaySale

Mother’s Day Sale gift ideas!

I answer, “Ah, but I think you do.” In the first place, I have three keys essential to success for Mother’s Day sales for all my seller friends. To begin, these three keys work no matter where you sell.

#1 – Equip yourself with my FREE guide What Sells For Mother’s Day. It’s loaded with dozens of products that shoppers want to buy now!

No cost guide to hot Mother's Day sale products! #MothersDaySale

Complimentary guide to what sells for Mother’s Day sale gifts!

#2- With my tips in hand, go through your listed and unlisted inventory.

Sort what items you discover that are best to feature to attract Mother’s Day Shoppers. Are your most attractive Mothers Day items are unlisted? Make it a priority to list those items online now.

#3 – Get busy on social media.

Moreover, who is your ideal customer? In short, do you sell items that a millennial shopping for their Mom would buy? Then, it’s wise to be active on Instagram. Is it a husband in his 40’s or 50’s buying a gift for his wife? By and large you select to post on Twitter and your Facebook Business page.

Get busy on social media with Mother's Day sale items. #Mother's Day Sale

Get busy on social media with Mother’s Day sale items.

Spend your time wisely.

Use the killer tips in my FREE guide What Sells For Mother’s Day to discover inventory you have that’s perfect for Mom.

To sum it up, your nicest inventory is front and center for shoppers with great listings and social media.  To sum it up, welcome Mother’s Day shoppers and sales!